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June 17, 2020

With all the negative news in the press, we've decided to start posting uplifting stories of people who have made profound, positive changes in their lives by adopting a low carb diet.

In this blog post, Kyla Rahim from Singapore shares her remarkable journey of as mom who adopted a ketogenic diet to regain her energy and self esteem, and welcome a new baby into her family.

1 - Please introduce yourself.

I'm Kyla, a keto practitioner and advocate since July 2018. I'm also a Certified Ketogenic Diet Ketosis Nutrition Health Coach.

2 - What made you decide to make a change? Was there a turning point or sudden realisation?

As a mother, I was lacking the energy to keep up with an active toddler. I grew worried when I realised that my maternity clothes were too tight for me! Whenever there was an occasion that I needed to attend, or even going out on a date, it made me anxious. It would take me more than an hour to get ready, as I was never able to find anything comfortable to wear. Sometimes I would end up canceling the idea of going out! I became depressed and decided to change as I began to resent what I was looking at in the mirror every day!

3 - What has been the most challenging?

Keto was rarely heard of in Singapore when I started my journey. My weight loss journey was a lonely one. I had zero support from the people around me. Each time I mentioned that I was not eating rice or noodles, it was almost like saying that I was starving myself. Everyone thought it would never work. Some even laughed at my goals. I kept getting criticised whenever I was dining out with friends or family. No one said that I could achieve my goals. Each time I educated someone about keto and the damage caused by carbs, the sugar content in a bowl of rice, etc. I would get slammed with laughter and insults.

4 - What was your goal when you started and how much have you accomplished so far?

My goal was to be able to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and feel good again. I gained back my confidence and felt so much stronger after the first few months into Keto. I then realised that I could not fit into my pre-pregnancy clothing as my size XXL had become size 0. Sometimes I couldn't even buy clothing as I was too small.

I lost 45 kg (100 lbs) within a year, and I also managed to conceive a baby. I was told that my last pregnancy would be my last baby as I was suffering from unexplained infertility. My doctor swore that it was a miracle to conceive Lulu (my 3rd child). When I informed my doctor that I was pregnant again naturally, he was not convinced until we had an ultrasound. Keto helped me to lose 45kg and also conceive a baby!

5 - What advice or tips can you give to others on their keto / weight loss journey? 

Always be consistent in your action and patient with the result. I genuinely believe that there's no victory on a weight scale during the first three months in keto as you generally lose water weight rapidly during the first week of your keto diet. But, as your body begins to adjust to a new way of eating, you may also gain weight temporarily. Remember your 'WHY' and keep going.

It's also good to have a support group or coach when you first start. I believe if my journey were not a lonely one, it would have been enjoyable. Hence, I do one-on-one coaching for those that require support and honestly believe the first few months are the hardest!

Kyla offers personal coaching with meal plans and goal setting for clients that require guidance during their first 3 months in keto. For more information, please visit her website at

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