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December 28, 2020

In this post, Dr Maxwell shares his story of transformation for him and his daughter during the Covid epidemic, in Singapore and now in the US.

1 - Please introduce yourself.

My name is Dr Brent "Max" Maxwell. I am a husband, a father, a chiropractic physician for 15 years, and a standup comedian. Along with providing hands-on spinal care, my clinical focus also included whole-food nutrition to facilitate healing and weight loss. Since covid, I have transitioned to being a stay-at-home, homeschooling parent, while providing remote doctor-supervised weight loss programs for individuals who struggle with yo-yo dieting and weight loss plateaus.

2 - What made you decide to make a change? Was there a turning point or sudden realisation?

I was inspired to make a career "pivot" during the initial two-month Covid-19 circuit-breaking period while working in Singapore. I was suddenly challenged to find an alternative to help others beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar clinic setting and through direct hands-on care. I chose to resume helping people by offering a doctor-supervised weight loss program that helps people lose substantial weight without exercise by recalibrating the hormones responsible for stress, burning fat, controlling blood sugar, and regulating appetite. In September, I returned to the U.S to help my 13-year daughter with her own struggles in weight management while I was in Singapore due to her metabolism being impaired by emotional stress. Together, we successfully completed a 6 week cycle of the same ChiroThin program I've used on my patients to help them lose weight. 

3 - What has been the most challenging?

The most challenging part of my own weight loss journey was re-establishing a healthy sleep routine. For my body to see dramatic changes in weight following the ChiroThin program, I needed to be disciplined in going to bed earlier (10pm-11pm), rather than engage in projects and creative endeavors that kept me up until 2 am.

4 - What was your goal when you started and how much have you accomplished so far?

My goal was to help my daughter shed 20 pounds (9kg) in 42 days, and 25 pounds (13.6 kg) of my own extra body weight in that same timeframe.  My daughter surpassed her goal and shed 23 pounds (10.4kg) between Day 3 and day 42 of the program, while I dropped from 203 lbs (92kg) down to 173 pounds (78.6kg). Remarkably, a 13-year old girl and 46 year old man was able to achieve this without any exercise.

5 - What advice or tips can you give to others on their keto / weight loss journey?

The most helpful advice I can offer is to allow someone, or a group of people, to hold you accountable throughout your weight loss journey. Don't attempt to go at it alone - you guarantee greater success when you have strategic and emotional support. Invest in a coach or a health professional who will help you see better weight loss results in less time, while helping you overcome common barriers that cause people to quit or get derailed in along their health journey.

Dr Brent "Max" Maxwell is offering a complimentary ½ hour consultation for individuals and families seeking an evidence-based, weight loss program which does not rely on shakes, pills, or exercising for long-lasting results.  For more information to determine if you are a suitable candidate for this doctor supervised weight loss program, please click the 'weight loss' tab You can also contact him directly via email (, Instagram or Facebook.

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