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Our customers love the quality and texture of our shirataki noodles. Made in Thailand using the finest konjac flour, our noodles are odorless and ready-to-eat in less than one minute. Ideal for clean eating recipes as well as keto, plant based and gluten-free diets.
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Forever Love!!!

Fall in love with it after the first tired 😍 it taste totally like noodle. Most importantly it’s healthy 😋

Too many emails from you

why you send so much emails? it's just a purchase. I don't want to block the incoming ones to remember the email i signed up, but it's a bit tiring to keep on receiving emails from you. Yes you have a nice product, that's why I have bought several times


It is awesome! I mixed it in an Asian sauce.. and now I’m so excited to make a carbonara with it!

My 3rd time ordering .. noodles are tasty . Craving for noodle satisfied

Shirataki Rice

Love it, although the rice grains could be slightly larger to have a more grainy bite. like maybe make it calrose rice grain sized.

My Go To Work Lunches

I have ordered the rice 3 times and this fills me up nicely for work-day lunches. Does not send me into a food coma after lunch and I have used it with stir-fry dishes to curry. Perfect each time. Next on the recipe will be beef stew and fried rice!

Spaghetti Noodle 6-Pack

Love it


Never fails to please

I've ordered 50 packets of lokarb noodoss/rice/spaghetti so far. Especially love the spaghetti to cook laksa or fried noodles!


Second time purchasing it. More to come!


we absolutely loved the noodles! made us feel that we didn't need to miss out on our favourite noodles and pasta on a low carb diet :)

Fast delivery

Great service. Received the product day after I made my order.
Will order again.

Excellent quality

Love these noodles and rice from lokarb. They are odorless, just rinse and easy to cook with. I am satisfied with the texture and it satisfy my cravings for noodles and rice. Will continue to purchase these!

Best shirataki noodles

These are the best shirataki noodles I come across. No fishy smell (just like other buyers commented), the texture is also not crunchy like others on the market which I don't like. With a simple dressing, it a great meal. So glad I found Amazing Lokarb.

Still loving it!

A staple in my household - will be for a loooonnnng while!

value for money

i love the taste like normal rice!

Easy to cook and taste good

One of my favorite items to repurchase for multiple times. Taste like a real rice and noodles. Easy to prepare and get ready to eat🙂

Variety Noodle 6-Pack


Fast delivery! And great recipe for keto diet!


Amazing substitute that helps with my craving for carbs! Cooked Nasi Goreng Kampung with it and it tasted like the real deal. 👍

mirale noodles indeed

taste as good as real


This is a repeat purchase. I like the fettuccine the best - it's the most versatile konjac noodle. Put it into soups for your local "kuay teow" soup or do a stir fry chinese style/western style. Still has the QQ texture despite cooking for a while and does not smell weird unlike some other konjac brands. Fills me up and is a perfect low carbs/keto friendly option for meals. Very fuss free as does not take very long to heat/cook. Always good to have a few packs on hand in the kitchen for days I dont have enough time for meal prep!.

Very good tasting and versatile

4th repeated purchase and I really like that there's no smell to the noodles! Easy to use and cook

Perfect foods for low carbs dietary

Easy to cook and taste good for me. Always repurchase the item. Have a try and i believe u will also like it.


This tasted like the real deal! And what’s great is that I no longer feel bloated after meals!